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Welcome to Reasonable Anti-Phishing. Our software can prevent you from forged WebPages. Further protect the leakage of your private personal information. We provide a user-friendly interface to detect the real and forged WebPages for users. The software can display an alarm to alert user when they are visiting WebPages.

Why we need Anti-Phishing?

Phishing WebPages are those forged WebPages that have high visual similarities to the real WebPages and let users not aware and trust on them. They are usually created by phishers who want to get victims private information for improper usage.

There is an increasing number of phishing WebPages found in recent years. From the report from Anti-Phishing Working Group, the numbers of phishing attacks are increasing 50% for each month. There are usually 5% of phishing e-mail receivers will response to the scams.

It will be a risk for users to trust from phishing WebPages and provide their private information such as bank account number, password, credit card number and other important information. Therefore, Reasonable Anti-Phishing is a choice for users to protect themselves from phishing WebPages.