Phishing Analysis

We randomly choose 20,000 identified phishing links in the phishtank database and trace their source. We found that they come from about 100 countries in the world. 25 highest phishing hosting countries, cities are shown. From the graph, it is surprised that more than 45% of the phishing links in the world come from the U.S. 12% of the phishing links come from Russian Federation and France. 9% of the phishing hosts are located in Italy, China and Germany. About 2 % of the links are from the United Kingdom and Japan. 0.6% of the phishing links are from Hong Kong. To conclude, largest proportion of the phishing links are come from the U.S. The second place of the most phishing source is Europe. In Asia, China is the most serious phishing link hosted country. Please refer to the following chart and corresponding table.

Source: and Reasonable Anti-phishing users

Result : 2007/08/15
RU 6.248921%
FR 6.067668%
IT 3.538754%
CN 3.469705%
DE 3.452443%
RO 2.028310%
GB 2.028310%
KR 1.933368%
JP 1.708959%
TH 1.570861%
CA 1.570861%
BD 1.519075%
TW 1.424133%
NL 1.380977%
BR 1.199724%
SE 1.182462%
IN 1.061626%
PL 0.949422%
AU 0.785431%
HK 0.647333%
CZ 0.612809%
ES 0.612809%
MY 0.569653%
MX 0.543760%
others 8.268600%

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