How Reasonable Anti-phishing stronger than others?

Unlike typical anti-phishing software using phishing report mechanism, Reasonable Anti-phishing introduces new phishing detection methodology - Visual Detective.

Weakness of the traditional anti-phishing software

In the traditional phishing report mechanism, anti-phishing softwares rely on user reporting and websites scanning. Unfortunately, so many phishing websites are created every day, website scanning is so slow to detect phishing. That mean someone will be the first victim and the phishing website will than be reported.

Our Methodology

In order to avoid any Victim sacrificed by phishing, besides the traditional mechanism, Reasonable Anti-phishing compares the suspected webpage and the real webpage by Artificial intelligence. This allows Reasonable Anti-phishing to detect phishing proactively and avoid any user sacrificed. The detected phishing will be reported to server. Our Artificial intelligence learns from the data and improve the accurancy.

Main anti-phishing features of different softwares

Reasonable Anti-phishing IE7 anti-phishing filter Netcraft SiteAdvisor
Real-time Online Checking
Black List Checking
White List Checking
Phishing Reporting
Protection Customization
Visual Detective

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